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'The Girl Who Couldn't Sleep' Novella 

January 2018

Author Writer Michael McHuff

Dystopia, is a matter of perspective.


Jack has strange and vivid dreams, talks in odd languages and is a typical girl chasing, booze drinking, coast along the universe boy.  Though his sister Lucy is concerned about what the dreams might mean, Jack just wants to live his life free and easy.


Lucy has dilemmas of her own, work hard, travel, meet the    perfect man. With all these lovely distractions, how can reality ever break its way in?


Stephen is an enigma, and Lucy does love a mystery, but some    mysteries aren’t meant to be solved.


Leave the World behind.


A Lovely Prison is the world’s first book to utilise QR barcodes to deliver a web based Soundtrack of original music chosen by the author.


A Lovely Prison is the first book in the Asulon trilogy.







I thoroughly enjoyed reading the first book in this series.The author was very descriptive and really developed the characters to such a degree they really came to life.

As the story progressed seeing how it all came together was fascinating, it was a real page turner. The ending of the book worked really well for me, although there are other books coming I wasn't left feeling that the author had just stopped writing. Enough had been resolved in this book to leave me satisfied but there is still the anticipation of what will happen to the characters next.

This book had a very unique feature which I have never seen before. Dotted throughout the story are links through to a soundtrack that has been put together by the author. As I was reading the book I could scan through and hear a piece of music that had been selected to invoke a mood or atmosphere for the reader prior to reading the next section. I loved this as it was another way to engage with the story and the characters. The author must have spent an incredible amount of time selecting each piece of music because I felt all of the pieces fitted perfectly where he had placed them and really added to the reading experience.

I felt this book had everything I look for when choosing a book and I would definitely recommend it to anyone.


Amazon Reader Review

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