A Lovely Prison

While we are sometimes not sure who we are, we are never anyone but ourselves.​​

Jack has strange dreams. Together with his sister Lucy he attempts to explore their nature while juggling the transition from childhood to teen to adult, a lovely journey.

Lucy has dreams of her own, of travelling from her small town to far off locales of the World. While trying to unravel the secrets of Jack, she falls head over heels for a co-worker, a lovely distraction.

Behind all of this is a secret some would kill to keep. ​

Somewhere out there is the answer to the riddle of Jack. What lies inside the Lovely Prison?
A Lovely Prison Book One on the Asulon Series

'Brillianted' by New Zealand band The Concerned Residents is the title track to A Lovely Prison.

Songs by a variety of kiwi artists are linked by QR Barcode throughout the book and readers will be able to scan and listen using their smart devices.

The tracks are intended to accompany the experience of the story, not provide a soundtrack to read by as such.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.